Working with Sellers

Spring time!

If you landed here because you’re thinking about selling your home or investment property, you might be wondering whether we are up to handling the task. And you should — not all brokers and agents are equal.

We (that is, Marcie, Cati, Laurie and our team of designers, photographers, office staff, fellow Realtors and industry contacts) rely on our many years of experience with tested and trusted systems. At the same time, we’re constantly striving to adapt to new trends in marketing. In our practice, beautiful materials are complemented by the use of cutting-edge technology and powerful internet marketing along with the use of social networks. Additionally, we pride ourselves in helping our sellers to prepare their home for the market, in the least disruptive way possible. We’ve got a roster of trusty painters, handymen, landscapers and professional stagers committed to helping you transform your home/investment into a marketable property. Not every seller needs this kind of help, but for those that do, the difference can be tens of thousands of dollars.

Our goal — to get our sellers the best possible price in the shortest possible time and with the least heart ache and inconvenience — has not changed over the years. The ways to get there, however, are continuously evolving, and they might differ tremendously from one seller to the next.

The same is true for how we work together as a team. This might depend on your personal preference, your exact location, your individual marketing needs or even your timing. Our initial meeting will determine if we’re on the same page; from there we will decide how we’ll proceed and which additional experts might be needed. Here, you don’t just get two but a whole bunch for the price of one!

If you would like to receive a marketing package with more information or see samples of our work, just fill out the form below with as much or as little information as you like. We will be in touch shortly.

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