10 Reasons to Get Organized

photoMy good friend, Sandy Spagnolo, is an organizational expert.  You might have read about her in Bethesda Magazine (November 2006). She has run her own business for years, and I can personally attest to her skills.  I don’t win any prizes for neatness – never have.  My two kids, my pack-rat husband, and the dog also add to the confusion and make for messy times around the house.  And while we’re able to pull it together when we have company, our usual state of affairs is pretty schlocky.

Whenever I go over to Sandy’s house, an almost imperceptible sigh escapes my lips.  She’s SO together.  Clean counter tops (no mounds of homework, bills, newspapers and god knows what to be found there).  A kitchen table that is actually ready for meals.  A living room free of dog toys, boxes, old Christmas cards, highlighters & socks (don’t ask).  She’s an inspiration.

Over the years, Sandy has helped me out with some pretty hefty cleaning/organizational projects. Probably the most successful was getting the laundry/storage area in order.  Sandy lamented over the fact that she had forgotten to take a “before” picture (oh, that made me feel good). And, after the transformation I heard my cleaning lady gasp in surprise (another feel good moment).  Clearly, I’ve benefited from her help.

So, why is getting organized is so important?  Read more