New Middle School Recommended

The BCC Middle School Site Selection Committee has officially recommended Rock Creek Hills Park in Kensington, MD as the site of the future middle school within the BCC cluster.  It’s not a done deal, but it’s likely to be the final resting place for the school. The next steps in the site selection process are:

  • March 15th 9:00 am – Briefing by MCPS staff to Montgomery County Planning Board on SSAC report and recommendations
  • March 30th Superintendent recommendation released
  • April 9th 5:00 pm – Mandatory Referral at Planning Board on report recommendations
  • April 12th 4:00 pm – Board of Education action on a site

An extensive report is available for viewing for those wanting to dig deep into the selection process.

I’m highlighting some of the more pertinent details from the report:

Pros & Cons of the future site:

pros & cons

Site Details:

Middle School site details

Property Map:

Rock Creek Hills Middle School Map