Walk to Bethesda Metro

Bethesda Metro
Walk to Bethesda Metro

Just about everyone I know wants to live where they can walk to Bethesda Metro.  And it’s no surprise.  Traffic these days is stupefying.  Living anywhere along the Red Line can save you time just about every day of your life, assuming you commute by train.  There are several lovely neighborhoods near Bethesda Metro, all varying in price and amenities. Downtown Bethesda has really transformed over the years. It boasts over 160 restaurants within half a mile of metro.  One can catch a bus directly to midtown Manhattan (on two bus lines!).  There are a couple of play houses, and two movie theaters. And just blocks away from Bethesda Metro there are several leafy neighborhoods teaming with kids, dogs, parks, neighborhood associations, and schools. Included in this grouping are East Bethesda, parts of Chevy Chase, downtown Bethesda, Bradley Estates, Chevy Chase West, Kenwood Forest, Edgemoor, Battery Park, Glenbrook Knolls & Glenwood.

  • East Bethesda (light teal) is one of the more affordable neighborhoods in this collection.  Homes start at $600,000 and top $2,000,000.  It’s got roughly 1,200 households (if you include Glenbrook Village).  It borders the Capital Crescent Trail, Columbia Country Club, is within walking distance to Bethesda Chevy Chase High School and downtown Bethesda.  The average walk to metro takes anywhere from 7-25 minutes.
  • Town of Chevy Chase (orange) runs all over the map, but the portion west of Connecticut Avenue is within fairly easy walking distance to Bethesda Metro.  This is an older, established neighborhood with larger lots, big colonials, neat farm houses, some capes and gorgeous bungalows. Prices start in the high $800,000’s and top $3,000,000.  Because it covers a wide swath, walk times can range from 5-30 minutes. Those living closer to Connecticut might consider the bus into town.
  • Downtown Bethesda (dark red outline).  Mostly condos, townhomes and apartments with a wide range of pricing. Quick walk to just about everything!
  • Bradley Estates (rosy red) is really convenient.  It’s an easy 10-12 minute walk to Metro, and an even closer walk to Barnes and Noble… the epicenter of downtown Bethesda. It’s made up of only 3-4 streets.  Homes can begin in the $700,000’s and top $1,000,000.
  • Chevy Chase West (rosy purple).  This nice area, just south of Bradley Blvd., is centered around Norwood Park which offers up playgrounds, tennis courts, soccer and baseball fields and an unofficial dog park. It feeds into Somerset Elementary School, which is within easy walking distance and covers grades K-5.  Houses here start in the mid $700,000’s and top $2,000,000.  Walk time to metro ranges from 15-25 minutes.
  • Kenwood Forest (dark green) is made up mostly of townhouses which sell in the $550,000 – $750,000 range. The townhouses typically offer up 2-3 levels of living with 2-3 bedrooms.  The average walk to metro takes anywhere from 15-20 minutes.
  • Edgemoor (brown) is a lovely neighborhood full of larger lots and exceptionally large homes (though it runs the gamut, like any neighborhood).  Homes here start at about $1,000,000 and top $5,000,000.  Tucked behind the Bethesda Library and Strosneiders Hardware Store, the walk to metro can range anywhere from 7-20 minutes.
  • Battery Park (purple) is a neat old neighborhood with twisty roads (rather, they’re not on a grid, so I’m always getting turned around).  Houses can start as low as $800,000 (though that’s the exception) and top $3,000,000.  Average walk time to metro is 10-25 minutes.
  • Glenbrook Knolls/Glenwood (yellow) is one of those neighborhoods that can go either way…. to Bethesda Metro or NIH Metro.  We’ll lump it with the Bethesda crowd for now.  It is also one of the more affordable neighborhoods made up mostly of older brick colonials ranging in price from the low $650,000s on up. It’s bordered by NIH and Old Georgetown Road and probably has about 100+ households. Walk time to metro takes about 12-20 minutes.

Bethesda Metro isn’t the only game in town. Click here if you would like to learn more about neighborhoods where you can walk to NIH/Medical Center Metro or walk to Friendship Heights Metro, or walk to Tenleytown/AU Park Metro. If you are interested in learning more about any of these neighborhoods, I’d be quite happy to help.  I’ve lived in the area for almost 20 years, and I’ve been helping buyers and sellers with their real estate needs for over 14 years. Let me know what I can do to help.

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  • March 4, 2011 at 5:57 pm

    Hi Marcie, This is a fantastic run-down of the neighborhoods near Bethesda Metro. I’ve heard Bethesda is the restaurant capital of the country based on the ratio of restaurants to people. I’ve also heard Bethesda schools are consistently ranked among the highest in the nation. Sounds like a wonderful community to live in, and having a nearby Metro stop only makes it more attractive.

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