Another Cool Real Estate App

house hunterFinding the perfect house just got a little easier.  Or maybe I should say “remembering stuff about your perfect house just got a little easier.” As a real estate agent I see a lot of houses.  Sometimes my recall is spot on (when I’m in my idiot savant mode), but often I get that deer in the headlights look when asked to recall specifics of a property.  It’s a trait I’m sure I share with a lot of people looking for a house.  So… someone got smart and finally designed an app specifically to help you remember your most recent house tour (or even the one that took place 2 months ago).

House Hunter is a pretty nifty little app.  It offers up the ability to go into detail about property features and rate them.  You can take photos of your specific house and add them to the address file.  You can share all the info you’ve gathered with your Read more