BCC Construction Update- January 2017

Verbatim from the B-CC PTSA Construction Liaison:

This is our first construction update of 2017 and there are lots of changes coming our way. Throughout the fall Hess Construction has been working to complete much of our site work including storm water retention facilities, the connection of new underground utilities to existing utilities and preparation for the pouring of the new foundations.

​Here is a preview of what will happen this spring:

*Mid-to-late March (after the conclusion of post-season basketball):*

-The main entrance to the school at the bus loop will be closed as they
begin work on our new main entrance and foyer area.

-The temporary main entrance for all students, staff and visitors will be
located at the doors by the loading dock (near the cafeteria). Our bus
loading and unloading will be adjusted accordingly.

-Once the main entrance shifts to its temporary location occupancy in the
main gym will be limited. Fire code will not allow us to have large groups
or assemblies in the gym. The reason for this is that with the main
entrance temporarily closed there is not adequate egress for large crowds
to exit the building from the gym in an emergency. We WILL be allowed to
continue to hold PE classes and practices in the gym.

-Athletic Director Donna Considine is working with the architects and the
fire marshal to determine what can happen with regards to games in the
spring for volleyball (i.e. – how many people will be allowed to occupy the
gym during a game).

-We will see the frame of the new building beginning to go up and crews
will work to connect the new building with the existing building.

*Summer 2017:*

-Once school gets out the crews will move into the building and begin the
expansion of the Main Office conference room, so the front doors to the
Main Office will be completed blocked off. The plan is to greet visitors
at the Attendance Office window and staff will enter the building through
the back of the office near Donna Considine’s office.

-Parking in our lot off of East-West Highway will be completely eliminated
over the summer and anyone visiting the school will need to park in our
spaces off of Chelton. This parking will all be restored before school
begins in the fall.

-Due to occupancy restrictions during this summer construction period the
Weight Room will NOT be available prior to the start of athletics on August

-The Counseling Office will undergo expansion over the summer as a
classroom is converted into additional counseling offices. Counselors will
be able to work in their offices over the summer but it will be a little
noisier for them than usual!

-Some demolition work will be done by the Auditorium as some work will be
done on one set of doors.

-The stairwell between the gym and the auditorium will be closed (this is
the stairwell that leads up to the Blue & Gold Room).

-The goal is still be able to hold our Summer Academy at B-CC (this is our
summer transition program for incoming freshman who have been recommended
for the program) but most of our other summer programs, including summer
school health classes will be at an alternative location.

We will continue to send out updates as this phase of work begins and, as
always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions.

Many thanks,
B-CC PTSA Construction Liaison