Census Fun Facts- Montgomery County MD

bigstock_Map_Pop_Usa_in_black_and_white_6773944The census is out.  Montgomery County has done some changing since the last census in 2000:

  • The population has increased roughly 100,000 and now stands at 971,777. That makes it the 42nd most populous county in the nation.
  • Bethesda tops the largest towns within Montgomery County with 90,499 residents.  Germantown is 2nd with 86,395.  And Silver Spring comes in 3rd with 71,452.
  • Our county’s population has grown more diverse over the past decade.  Montgomery County’s Hispanic population grew at the fastest pace (64.4 percent), followed by Asian and Pacific Islanders (37.0 percent), Blacks (25 percent) and other minority groups (21.3 percent).
  • The 39.3 percent increase in all minority groups combined offset a 7.8 percent decline in the number of non-Hispanic Whites living in the county.
  • Minorities now account for more than half the population within Montgomery County.

These are just some of the highlights.  For more information on our community (and I mean boatloads), click here.