Walk to Tenleytown/AU Park Metro


Sadly, this metro is pretty unsightly. Historic Marker much nicer!

Tenleytown-AU Metro is located just inside the district line in what was once a trolley town at the turn of the century. It’s the closest metro stop to American University which is home to roughly 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Within walking distance of Tenleytown-AU Metro are BestBuy, the Container Store, a hardware store, a branch of the DC library (recently renovated), Whole Foods and numerous other shops and restaurants. Neighborhoods served by Tenleytown-AU metro include Tenleytown, AU Park, Wakefield/Chevy Chase and North Cleveland Park.

  • American University Park (orange/pink) covers a wide swath of land and is bordered by Mass Ave, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Western (roughly). One bedroom condos start in the high $300’s and single family homes stretch up to $2,000,000. Typical to the area, you’ll find a lot of brick colonials interspersed with some ramblers, the occasional split, and capes. Walk time to metro varies widely, and can range from 5 to 35 minutes. Some bus options exist, particularly along Massachusetts Avenue.
  • Chevy Chase/Tenleytown (purple) is made up primarily of townhouses, condos and single family homes. Back when I lived there, it was known simply as Tenleytown… not sure when the CC snuck in? At any rate, 1-bedroom condos start in the $300’s and single family home sales have approached $2,300,000 in the last year. Walk to metro can be 5-25 minutes.
  • The Wakefield/Chevy Chase triangle (yellow) is bordered by Nebraska, Connecticut and Albemarle. High $300’s for condos. $700+ buys you an entry-level single family home, and the high end has run $2,000,000 in the past year or so. Walk time to metro: 5-20 minutes.
  • North Cleveland Park (blue) is a lovely part of town developed in the late 1800s through the 1940s. Prices in this part of Cleveland Park range from $450 to the high $1,500’s. You’ll find a lot of semi-detached homes here along with a fair amount of single family brick homes. It’s close to Z-Burger, which is a recent favorite family find. Perhaps the best burger in NW DC? Certainly a front runner! Walk to metro in 5-15 minutes.

Tenleytown/AU Metro isn’t the only game in town. Click here if you would like to learn more about neighborhoods where you can Walk to NIH/Medical Center Metro, Walk to Bethesda Metro or  Walk to Friendship Heights Metro.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these neighborhoods, I’d be quite happy to show you around.  I’ve lived in the area for almost 20 years, and I’ve been helping buyers and sellers with their real estate needs for over 14 years. Let me know what I can do to help.