Top 10 Reasons to Live in East Bethesda

Lynbrook Park in East Bethesda
Lynbrook Park in East Bethesda

You’ve probably driven by East Bethesda on one of your many trips up and down Wisconsin Avenue, and wondered to yourself “what lucky souls live in this incredibly convenient neighborhood- so close to everything in Bethesda, and yet, so charming and suburban at the same time?”  Well, I’m here to tell you 10 fabulous reasons why 1,200 households call East Bethesda home:

1.  Walk to Metro

Walk to two metros! East Bethesda is snuggled between Bethesda Metro and NIH Medical Center Metro. For most, the walk takes under 15 minutes.

2. Affordability

The average price for an East Bethesda home in 2014 was $1,064,208. East Bethesda offers a variety of homes, from modest bungalows starting in the low $500,000s to 6&7 bedroom new-builds topping $2,000,000. Your average 3-bedroom/1.5-bath brick colonial is running around $750,000- $850,000 right now.

3.  Lynbrook Park

Ground Zero for East Bethesda. Wide open fields, playgrounds, soccer field, baseball diamond, unofficial dog park, basketball court, Day Care center, blacktop, tennis courts, morning outdoor exercise class, sledding in the winter, etc…

4. Halloween Parade!

Yup, every year. Generally held on the Sunday before Halloween. Start at Chase Park and walk your way up to Lynbrook Park where cookies and cider await. Attire: your most awesome costume.

Crazy Dog5. Dog Park

It’s unofficial. Not even sanctioned (you might even get yelled at, and occasionally the police stop by… there I go promoting illegal activities again). But come 5pm or so the neighborhood gathers up at Lynbrook Park with their dogs, tennis balls, tall stories, and plastic baggies. Happens in the morning as well, but I haven’t been able to pin down the exact time. (Update: have heard of a few $100 tickets being handed out recently… so perhaps our doggy days are numbered?)

6.  Fireworks!

Columbia Country Club, our “neighbor”, throws a fireworks party about 4-7 days before the 4th of July. The neighborhood gathers up at Lynbrook Park to gawk. Not exactly ringside seating, but beautiful and fun. The kids run around with glow sticks. Adults stake their claim on picnic blankets and fold-out chairs. Magical!

7. Walk to Everything…

Metro is a 5-15 minute walk depending on where you live in East Bethesda. Don’t want your teenager drag racing to school? They don’t have to. Bethesda Chevy Chase (BCC) High School is in the neighborhood. Make ’em walk! Just how close is it? Downtown Bethesda is just across Wisconsin Avenue. Roundhouse Theatre is even closer. Who needs all those quarters for the parking meters? Not you!

8.  Capital Crescent Trail

You can bike, walk or run all the way to Georgetown on this wonderful trailway and hit only one stoplight. It’s also a wonderful way to wander into Downtown Bethesda. Head through the tunnel at Wisconsin and emerge onto the new Landmark Theatre, Barnes & Noble, etc… There are a couple of entrances to the trail in our very own neighborhood. The Purple line looms large, though it’s hard to know if and when it will get started.

Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School
Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School

9. Bethesda-Chevy-Chase High School

Award winning, high-scoring, International Baccalaureate and AP-toting high school. BCC High School serves the Rosemary Hills Primary School, Bethesda Elementary, Westbrook Elementary, Chevy Chase Elementary, North Chevy Chase Elementary, Rock Creek Forest Elementary and Somerset Elementary school cluster. Located on the East-West Highway between Chelton and Pearl. Hear the crowds roar at home games.

10.  Labor Day Party/Races

Ever won a sack race? Now is your chance. In the past there have been bouncy tents, arts and crafts, pizza, soda, face painting and more.  Great neighborhood gathering.

If you’ve got your own ideas about what makes East Bethesda great, I’d love to hear from you.  Please add your comment below.

And if you would like some information on homes for sale within East Bethesda, I’d be happy to oblige. Give me a call, send me an e-mail, whatever works. I look forward to hearing from you.